The Great Forest of the Overman

Dismantling Illusion from Within

By Conor Wrigley

Azsacra ZarathustraThe world today is nothing more than a world built on lies, illusions, and false narratives. The so called masters of governance and economics feed the masses events based off their own narratives seeking to have them believe whatever it is they want them to believe. This heavily influences governance as the “masters” convince the masses through the various methods of propagating the illusions has them essential at their disposal. While there are some who rebel against these illusions, most of them have bought into another form of illusion; alas they simply wish to replace one illusion with another illusion. In short, it can be said that the for the most part all opposition to any system is simply still subservient to the damned spirit of gravity which masks itself as a new system that will bring absolute freedom. These are simply word games played by the puppeteer who has no intention on truly giving the serfs the absolute risk of any type of freedom lest it be his own freedom to control and dictate his subjects.

All systems of governance are as I have said an illusion; they are an illusion built upon false constructs and false narratives. They feed their subjects fear of what might happen without them and when the masses perceive that they are being oppressed by their masters then they call up so called “revolutionaries” to save them and become their new masters. This fear is what keeps the process of governance going. Not only are these systems built on an illusion but they are also built upon the spirit of gravity, the chains which bind down the power of the spirit and prevent it from traveling upwards. Indeed, it moves only downwards once the chains are placed upon it. The days of avatars of the will have past and now we are ruled only by whining cowards who claim to represent the phony “will of the people.” This “will of the people” is a false construct created by the masters to justify their actions for it is built upon lies to perpetuate material existence. This material existence is the eternal enemy of Azsacra Zarathustra’s concept of the Yes Sayer, or the Overman as a holy Yes to life.

So called revolutionaries today only further entrench themselves with the damned spirit of gravity through continuing on with the lies and illusions of the cowardly suit wearing fools; they simply repeat the words of philosophers or political theorists long since dead with little to no true understanding of the words they have read. That is to say that they have filled their heads with words from manifestos and biased narratives of materialists. So called “revolutionaries” of today will read these manifestos and agree with the theses of the authors yet they may not understand the words that they are reading. They then go about preaching to the masses quote after quote after quote; none of which actually come from their own tongues or minds, they simply repeating the words that they have read. For proof of this one only need search for the speeches of protests across the globe or look at the banners carried by the confused masses.

In a world that is entirely built on illusions and lies, how is the spirit suppose to break free? Is it possible to escape the illusion and live in a state of absolute risk of freedom? The answer to this is yes! One of the greatest illusions perpetuated by certain individuals is that for absolute freedom to exist the state must be completely eradicated. This is a false perception and ultimately an illusion of anarchists! It is entirely possible to be in a state of absolute freedom even when the state exists! If the state was completely eradicated and we were put into the state of societal anarchism as proposed by various flavors of anarchists then the spirit of gravity would still exist just through means of societal pressure. One need only read through the various works of literature by authors of the various hyphenations of anarchists. Most anarchists just play on words, that is that they simply reword structures and use illusive rhetoric in order to make it seem as if they are leading you to a “stateless society” a stateless society is still a society and a society is inherently going to place limitations and restrictions on the individual who has risen beyond his fellow man. Yes, even anarchy is a great illusion! If you tear off the mask created by the rhetoric and word games of anarchists you will still find the damned spirit of gravity, a similar system built on illusion that entraps the spirit to the material.

The late author Ernst Jünger wrote in “The Forest Passage” about the forest rebel. The forest rebel is one who can maintain their own freedom even when the state and society at large are pushing against them. Indeed, even the state that masquerades as a god can be torn apart. This solves the false dilemma created by the so called anarchist who says that the state must be abolished for freedom to exist. This also goes a long with revolutionary philosopher, poet, and spiritual revolutionary Azsacra Zarathustra and his philosophical concepts of Overman as a holy Yes to life, absolute break of the spirit, and finally Over without man as well as TDAS and the new types of spiritual revolt. Through Azsacra’s revolutionary new philosophy what was once thought to be unattainable is boldly proclaimed to be attainable. What can be attained is the Overman which then becomes the eternal Yes Sayer, a holy Yes to life against the cursed no to life that is brought on by the spirit of gravity.

With The Forest Passage, Jünger makes the bold claim that the great leviathan of modern civilization with its rampant materialism and all the illusions contained within it can be torn apart and cast out by a resolute individual. Once the curtain of illusion is torn aside by the individual he will find a wilderness of primal freedom, a danger that is indeed worth the risk. Yes! Jünger state’s clearly that the seemingly omnipotence of state and society are simply illusions, alas a great bluff that tries to conceal itself! It is through the type of individual that Jünger discusses as the great rebel that can tear off the veal and see through the illusion thus growing to live in a state of absolute risk!

What makes this idea discussed in The Forest Passage so important and connects it to new types of spiritual philosophies as describe by Azsacra Zarathustra and myself? The rebel of Jünger is very similar to the concept of Nietzsche’s Overman, which Azsacra has proclaimed to be entirely possible to attain! Just as Jünger’s rebel and the state or society are forever incompatible, so too is the Overman and state or society incompatible. Both are held down by the illusions of society such as the societal pressures brought on by those they must share an existence with as well as the unholy alliance between business and government. Both the Overman and the sacred forest rebel seek not to allow others to, either individuals or an “omnipresent” state, exert their pressure on them but the precisely the other way around. Yes! They are both the same in that they say NO to the limitations placed on them and YES to exerting this pressure back out. From the rebel of Jünger to the Overman the great game of destruction of all illusion can commence!

What is this danger that both Azsacra and Jünger proclaim is worthy of traveling to? That absolute risk of freedom that creates a trial for the very spirit of the Yes Sayer! This absolute risk is necessary to sending the spirit above with the speed of lightning into over; that is to reach the point of Over without man! Freedom brings about all risks of nature as well as many other risks that push the spirit to a breaking point; once this breaking point is reached the spirit is launched as if a rocket about to break out of the atmosphere and reaches a point that truly liberates the spirit of the material body. Through this absolute risk of the most dangerous freedom even death is surpassed! Death, what was thought to be a grand ending is revealed to be yet another illusion and is surpassed in Absolute Revolution! By great risks brought by the deadly games of freedom for the Overman, its spirit is tested and tried by the most cruel games and sacred rituals. Through this playing with death and dancing in the great open fields of fiery freedom the Overman is capable of going beyond the beyond dismantling all illusions and propelling upwards with great power attaining the Over without Man.

But adding Jünger’s ideas expressed in The Forest Passage we can see that the state does not necessarily have to be abolished, society does not need to be eradicated. Once you have given the loud proclamation of NO to the spirit of gravity and taken the first steps to smashing the chains then state and society becomes a playground. This is to say that once you reject the great leviathan then it no longer has the illusion of having any control over you, you can begin to dismantle it illusion after illusion, lie after lie, until nothing remains. This is to say that once great Overman is realized then it rejects all systems of illusion and seeks only tear it apart, much like Jünger’s Forest rebel. The Overman will want to play this deadly game as it is a trial to him; it is something he can indeed laugh at. It is a game of chess in which either way he is the victor, either he is defeated by the enemy and given the great revolt of death or defeats his enemy and absolute freedom commences. This great game is the game that takes us to the Over without man.

Truly the enemy of all systems of illusion and the damned spirit of gravity is the Yes Sayer, the Overman that has freed himself from the chains of the fear perpetuated by the state and the false narratives created by the cowards who sit at the top. The sacred Yes Sayer and the sacred forest rebel are both the eternal enemy of spiritual parasites and those who seek to trap the spirit. Those who sit at the top trying their hardest to assimilate all beings into a tool for their own gain seek only to trap the sacred Yes Sayer and the great forest rebel yet this is the great game of the Yes Sayer and the rebel. While the suit wearing fools and feeble minded parasites try hopelessly to feed off the Yes Sayer and contain him, he seeks a great hunt for it is his nature to smash the great pillars of the structure around him. Through creative destruction of the traitors construction, of the world that they created, the Yes Sayer seeks to create a new structure unlike any that has ever came before; a structure beyond mere biology and material.

The combination of the ideas of Ernst Jünger’s Forest Passage and Azsacra Zarathustra’s revolutionary philosophy create a great tool by which the spirit can revolt against the materialistic enemy and parasitic destroyer. The revolution will start internally, within the very spirit of the rebel who will cleanse himself with burning fire only to laugh and ponder when the flame will actually begin to burn his flesh. The revolution then moves to the external as, having cleansed himself, the new spiritual revolutionary can no longer contain his revolt against illusion and moves to the outside world to dismantle it all together. Thus the great leviathan can be slain, the parasitic leeches are torn off, and the glass case that surrounds all life is broken and the spirit freed.

We march not towards the last God of the traitor but to the first Overman, the first holy Yes Sayer! The great wild spirit can only be contained for so long until so much pressure is built up within the entrapment of illusion and the spirit blows it apart. The new revolutionary must use these tools discussed by Jünger and Azsacra if he is to revolt against this world of illusion. Once the veil has been lift and the illusion destroyed the truth shall arise! The revolt of the spirit is inevitable, the revolution of the sacred Yes Sayer!

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