Against Resistance

by the Order of Würm

Order of Wurm, AristokratiaFor all in the modern age that believe the current and future movements of the Europeans should be ones of resistance or against current trends, for the sake of merely quantified reproduction en mass or the material gains of modernity: the thesis of the Order of Würm on this matter is one of complete contradiction! We indeed denounce the concept of resistance! To resist is merely reactionary and thus to base your movements solely on the actions of others beyond your own control. Resistance must then be understood as dependency and through dependence, not only are you keeping yourself enslaved to the tide of outside forces but you are also making yourself predictable and hence, controllable. To define the self, the formation must take place exactly there within the self; it can not be based on the existence of outside force that once removed leaves the being without essence. This is why the simple questions of ‘who’ or ‘what’ one is are concepts which all of us must be able to answer plainly and without confusion.

Nothing we do is based on the force of exoteric actions or numbers. Our Order acts naturally through the cycle of all things in the current of the astral æther and in this way, our movements are all our own. We must not shape motions on the grounds of things we do not also control and we must never leave our answers as mere things to be driven from us solely based on the questions of others. We both ask and answer from within ourselves and possess both the needed questions and necessary answers from our Origin before any outside interaction takes place; we both act and react on our own essence. For everyone of us that answers the Draconic call in the archetype of the apex hunter, from the time before and from now forward, those born into wolven ranks that walk the moonlit paths of Ice to those initiated as the Dragon and transverse along Elathan’s light that stretches unending across the black empyrean, the concept of ‘resistance’ does not exist, for our ‘struggle’ is not reactionary but simply a state of being; the very nature of our living spirit. Many people can associate their actions with a concept of “struggle”, but the radical difference to the Würmian conception of struggle exists in the manner by which we face our actions. For us, it is not simply direct confrontation of anything and we do not merely face force with opposing force, which is merely a continuation of reactionary resistance, but the art of fluid fighting; the rolling force that goes beyond bluntheaded physical objections and manifests in pure energy diffusion. In this way, a Würmian conception of struggle is through free-flowing motion; we wrest with movement and the current of forces, not by the illusory notion of might or power which can be expended and diffused. We fight because that is what we are.

Our weltanschauung dictates to us the natural flow of action from an innate sense of constant motion born from within and before ourselves for aeons and ages timeless beyond this realm. In this sense, struggle must be understood as the act of living. Survival, evolution, life; these things do not start or stop or have to be decided or given reason, they are not reactions to previous occurrence because they simply ARE. For Würm, the struggling, fighting, living is our very nature in mind, body and spirit; It is a constant, even more so than breathing for breath can be held or taken but ‘struggle’ is ageless and unstoppable in us. The processes themselves are what enriches us, not simply the results. This short extrapolation is again a key concept of Würmian worldview which should be understood to properly grasp why our tenants are as they are and why we are as we are (individually and as an Order). From this, it is now clear why we are apolitical and denounce any political approach and any mass social approach. Surely, as we also denounce the civilized technocracy fueled by mass agriculture of the modern ages, we naturally already are beyond any political position and against any mass social organization but it is this clarification of the separation of the concepts of ‘resistance’ juxtaposed with ‘struggle’ that lays the foundation for these realizations.

Würm suggests that we should not seek the masses, should not invite all, we do not wish to resist or counteract, we are not here to ‘save’ anything or anyone, we are not trying to ‘win’ the ‘war’ or ‘take back’ anything or any other such rhetoric statements of enslavement. Those who hear the howling of the packs, whose feet tread the treacherous Ice, who cross the vastness of the long night by the light of the artic Aryavarta and the constellations mapping the breath of the gods and the waters of the vyrð, who are initiated in the Draconic Spirit will be all who find their place in the ranks of our kind in the coming world and all that must survive the age of Iron, the final stage of the Maha Yuga, to continue the blood, not in number or material, but in pure harmony of our unique environmental and genetic parts blending through to the forward force of evolutionary fluidity will find it within themselves and through this awakening. This opens the way for more in-depth teachings on the principles of the Würmian concept of motion of which this is based. This will be an important introduction and companion to such future texts and ideally a guide to lay foundations for the further speciation of our kin.

Heil to the Eternal Hunt and Heil to our Wolven packs;
Heil to the Elathan Light and Heil to the Draconic Path of Isa!

Heil Würm!