Esoteric Traditions

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Esoteric Traditions

Esoteric Traditions are those that are understood by groups that are either initiated or possess rare and obscure knowledge. The term esoteric is derives from the Greek esôteros, meaning “inner”. Esoteric Traditions are therefore contrasted with Exoteric Traditions which offer the ‘outer’ teachings for the mainstream population. Esoteric Traditions, as such, represent the inner core of most traditional practices and knowledge which is restricted to initiates.

Well known examples of esoteric teachings include  alchemy, astrology, Christian mysticism, Tantra, Freemasonry, Gnosticism, Hermetism, occult, Perennialism, Rosicrucianism, Sufism and Taoism.

  • Alchemical Traditions
  • Occult Traditions
  • Primordial Traditions
  • The Grail: Two Theories

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