India’s Glory

Raghupati Bhatt

India's GloryRaghupati Bhatt is a former writer for the newspaper Navhind Times of Goa, India. He published a series of articles in the Navhind Times under the title “Glimpses of India’s Glorious Past”. In India’s Glory, Raghupati Bhatt expands on these articles to present a revised edition of India’s rich and vibrant past. He provides an analysis of Indian history free from the influence of the British Colonial mindset which still pervades in many academic circles even today. India is presented from the view of its own people and their culture, highlighting the greatest events which have come together to form India as a nation. Spanning the history of India from the times of Alexander the Great through to Gandhi, India’s Glory encompasses the unique points of Indian history and the strong characters that created and inspired these events. Raghupati Bhatt doesn’t just include the political leaders and royalty either; India’s greatest philosophers, poets and spiritual leaders are all allocated the prominent place in history and the prestige they have earned. Buddhism, Jainism, Adi Shankaracharya, Shri Ramakrishna, and Vivekananda are all included in the historical narrative, along with the Bhakti Movement. Kalidasa, the Shakespeare of India, is also recognized for his valuable contribution to India’s cultural heritage.

From the foundations of the Mauryan Empire, we see the Emperor Chandragupta and Kautilya/Chanakaya and the unification of India for the first time to drive back Alexander the Great. Then we are introduced to the life of Asoka the Great, the royal patron of the Buddha. In this perspective we are also introduced to the political influence of both Jainism and Buddhism. Then the reader is taken on a tour of the legendary kings Samudragupta and Vikramaditya, the Rajputs, Akbar the Great, the Peshwas, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Freedom Fighters, and a score of other fascinating historical characters who all occupy a prime position in India’s history – whether it be a political, spiritual, philosophical, or literary achievement. India’s Glory is a must have book for anyone who is interested in the historical, cultural, or religious heritage of India.