Danger is the Initial Condition of Philosophy…

Thus Spake the Russian Zarathustra

Azsacra Zarathustra – is a philosopher, a poet-mystic. He is the creator of the concepts of Shunya-Revolution and Absolute Revolution. He created the transcendent doctrine of “Over Without man”, that crowns Nietzsche’s philosophy. Since 2007 the International Literary Journal Taj Mahal Review (India) has given the AZSACRA AWARD to outstanding poets and thinkers of the world. He is published in India, Tibet, Japan, Germany, Norway, the UK and the USA. Azsacra’s philosophic books: “Bible of Nothing, Bible of Emptiness”, “Nothing and Nothing to Power”, “Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy”, “Übernoumen”, “Over Without Man”, “The Death of Overman”, “Machtnoumenology”, “The Doctrine of Nihil-Will”, “Kurukshetra: Secret Sanskrit”, “The Atoms of Kshatriyas”, “Indo-Europe Rising”, “HodoH: Perpetual Motion of Russians” etc.

You must either conquer and rule or serve and lose,
suffer or triumph, be the anvil or the hammer.

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Azsacra ZarathustraWhat do you understand by philosophy?

Andrei Azsacra: Utmost and the most destructive meta-experiments on one’s own body and mind, in order to, then, exactly after Death continue to feel “absence of the body” and “nonexistence of mind” itself. Philosophy is needed not Heidegger’s “being-towards-death”, but the Death itself! In my book “Nothing and Nothing to Power” through metaphysical concept of “Overnoumen” victoriously it is proved that philosophy in maximum immersion, fall into the Death, can successfully surpass any ancient magic, any developed occultism. Being half an Indian thinker, I believe that philosophy has originated from the Sound of Nonexistence/Death – some initial Om/Aum. Pure transcendent sounding of Death is secret philosophic non plus ultra/Will to Power. Exactly that’s why the majestic Vedas and Upanishads are overfilled with mantra sounds, chants and paternosters.
Do you feel the difference between occidental and oriental philosophy?

Andrei Azsacra: “All visible objects, man, are but as pasteboard masks. But in each event – in the living act, the undoubted deed – there, some unknown but still reasoning thing puts forth the mouldings of its features from behind the unreasoning mask. If man will strike, strike through the mask! How can the prisoner reach outside except by thrusting through the wall?” Who does this say – Buddha from “the Dhammapada” or captain Ahab from “Moby-Dick”? I have always tried to accomplish a sacred connection between Occidental Wolf of Nihilism and Oriental Dragon of Negation, if to voice this more precisely: at first make from “nothing” the Nothing to Power, then create from “emptiness” the Emptiness to Supremacy and then unite them in the most rigorous Supremacy of Absence. This (over)synthesis of the Great Negation – through Absolute Break of the Spirit! – had to bury any kind of human “nihilism” forever, any forms of “decadence negations” and give the way to initially majestic luxury of the Purest Violence of the Light, namely: a holy Yes to Life! Instead of prior Nihil I have advanced the formula NihillihiN that is eternal Return of Nothing to Nothing for Nothing to Power. Exactly and only according to this formula of the “turn of Over” the Spirit can achieve the sought – Eternal Recurrence of Over!

Do you have an acquaintance with the Valeriy Savchuk’s book “The Blood and Culture”, in which the Petersburg philosopher studies different aspects of revelation of blood in culture, its symbolist expression and regulative functions?

Andrei Azsacra: Only one bloody-philosophic synthesis exists for me – Blood and Soil A Priori, that is – exactly that concealed transcendent Power of Soil and Blood, with the help of which “everything”, denoted by Nietzschean Will to Power as kinds and forms of “false values”, is able, needed and necessary to strike (over!) furiously. In principle, the “fate of the world” (in the end!) will be determined by overcritical anti-mass of pure A Priori + our instinctive predatory Powers and Supremacies or making it much more precise: already forever Overnoumenal Luxury of A Posteriori Blood. Over-Blood in no way will want to remain prior human “blood”, furthermore in the frames of any kind of repletely-planted culture, even if this “culture”, have heard the word “human”, takes out the revolver. No! It is needed the coming of only… Entirely Diverse Over! Over!
What is your experience in facing Friedrich Nietzsche’s creative work?

Andrei Azsacra: As I can remember that in USSR’s time one strange man brought from Moscow a small, pretty well shabby little book “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” published in 1913. I intently read it from cover to cover (I was sixteen years old at that time) and suddenly I realized – everything that surrounded me and restrained me is weakness and fear. The world as a cheerless and cheap conception without signs of the main one – will to power, might to power. In this realization of weakness and illusiveness of the world Nietzsche replaced me Buddha. But instead of category “nirvana”, in this case, for my will became faintly visible and revealed itself the most impossible – Overman. Therefore: I must to become him.

What do you understand as a Nietzscheanism?

Andrei Azsacra: To “seize” Nietzsche, one should be neither a friend nor an ally, but irreconcilable enemy of Nietzsche – the most cruel hammer of anti-thought! Such an anti-philosophic hammer demands the only one – with his own will to power exceed all mortal rates of the thought, that is persistently think and act without fear. Before this “irradiation” I only boxed in a boxing ring and constantly fought on the streets. After this “irradiation” I even greater fought on the streets, but already systematically learnt philosophy, especially classical German and Ancient Indian. Already at that time, early in “transcending through all limits” I managed to combine “clear-cut judgments of my muscles” with the most remote intelligible objects and figures of Nothing to Power. In other words – I thought more and more voidly and dangerously. It’s not surprising that in the end, I became the most implacable enemy for all neo-Nietzscheans – both Russian and Western. However in the East the result was different: in holy India, in sacred Prayag where I have been actively published for a long time ago and issued my “serpently-wise books”, for poetic-philosophic development of the Nietzschean concept of Overman I started being called “Russian Zarathustra”, and Indian journal “Taj Mahal Review” has instituted Azsacra Award – my name honorary award.

Is Nietzsche’s History responsible for changing the author of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” into a humanist?

Andrei Azsacra: Nietzsche was always a malicious philosopher, but not for “spiteful” or “kind”, but for – the most evil ones! Such horrific “workers of mind” are capable of the most severe discipline of thought, of “anti-words” of incredible power. It is a pity that similar luxurious “Beasts of thoughts” extremely rarely break in this space and time as such. What did Nietzsche want? What was his main prediction? Dragons of Horror had to devour dragons of fear, that is irreversibly and implacably eliminate all restless “humanists” with their sugary-omnipresent “moralean”. But why then Nietzsche isn’t still totally cursed by all of them? Why did they reverse post mortem Star Chamber by default to a horrible “hermit from Basel”? The answer is simple: humanists have always been based, are based and will be based themselves on the principle of “reasonable exploitation of evil”. Very long time ago it is known that all world’s “intellectual ghetto” can enlarge theirs “power” in the most successful and weighty way only with the help of malicious philosophers, using the most monstrous “experience of the thought” – this is exactly that Bataille denoted as “the experience of absolute negativeness”. Weren’t Hegel, Heidegger or Baudrillard kind? Didn’t Mainlander or Deleuze create “show of humanity” from theirs suicides? Didn’t Schopenhauer keep the revolver under his pillow only to fire on the burglars? Only Nietzsche dared to claim roughly and bluntly: “Hence! Take away your “hooves”! Evil wisdom should be untouchable!” Something similar I claim too: “Humanism of Taishō era should cease at last”.

What apologia are you ready to give to political correctness and tolerance?

Andrei Azsacra: They say Zhuangzi handled a knife with skill. Persian Zoroaster regarded as correctness – the ability to strike with mace and shoot deadly from a bow. Supreme Firmness of the Spirit is the most rigorous irreconcilability towards any kind of “tolerance”.  According to Nietzsche (and Nietzsche always fenced extremely well!): “It is needed to annihilate everything that appeals to fear and weaken”. According to Laozi: Strike on the right and Stroke from the left are Tao’s Endowment!
When I was reading Theodor Adorno’s “Negative Dialectics”, I, to my surprise, haven’t find a textbook quotation about that after Auschwitz poetry cannot be possible. There goes a non-rhetorical question: “How new Auschwitz can be possible after contemporary poetry?”

Andrei Azsacra: As I can remember, not long before his death, Heidegger met with Jewish poet Celan, who tried to prompt Deutschland-philosopher to remorse. But Heidegger kept only stern silence. When Celan made more rough attempts of psychological pressure – Heidegger, as before, remaining silent, made with his hand a sure movement towards the stick. After that Celan (remained, unfortunately, Zen-celled!) hastily took himself off. Extremely dizzied “Jewish poet” stayed up all night, during which he wrote his well-known poem “Todtnauberg”. That is – as we can see! – exactly after Auschwitz poetry is ever more moraleanly-instructively-possible. Therefore inevitably follows a nonrhetorical conclusion: instead of ressentimental “hatred against poetry” one should as soon as possible reach for a stick.
In what do you see fundamental difference between freedom of thought and freedom of speech?

Andrei Azsacra: Each “human thought”, that thinks about freedom, never possesses it. Why? Genuine Freedom never has (neither in itself, nor around itself) any forms. “This” can be called Absence, if not the Emptiness to Supremacy that is indeed presence of freedom in absence of “all denoted forms”. Therefore: Freedom of Emptiness is Freedom, if it – Emptiness to Supremacy. In other (anti)words: only those words that are Absent, – are free, and this means: to all that have been revealedly-readedly-spoken – Death! That is – all “marked-existing” should beware of Emptiness to Supremacy as Absolute Freedom of the No. Only No-Never-Nothing always aggressively-Is, was and will be before any difference of any level of freedom. Moreover, that there “is” one mean regularity: when “freedom of thought” thinks about a revolver – “freedom of speech” says that one shouldn’t shoot.
What can you tell about contemporary Russian philosophy? In what way can it gain word-wide actuality?

Andrei Azsacra: Contemporary Russian philosophy? It hasn’t got any rage of the Great Insanity! It hasn’t got any fanaticism of the Great No! Nothing in particular, pitiable set of “standard negations”, another one set of “threadbare negations”. Some “nonexistence”, some “nothing”, some revolutionary “anti-holiness”. But nothing can be holy, and moreover anti-holy, if it is deprived of Biblical Spirit Possession. To think – it means cruelly being burnt to ashes in Fiery Pillars. How, if not otherwise can the Life of Mind claim itself? According to Nietzsche: it is needed to think out not to the “end”, but to the “end of human”…However in this case nobody no longer will be able to gain word-wide actuality. Nobody! Never! Nothing will gain – everything will gain Nothing to Power.
Do you agree with comprehension of overhuman in Vladimir Bibichin’s interpretation: “Overhuman in man should not be otherwise than in a human way. Does this not cease to be overhuman, when it becomes verily human”?

Andrei Azsacra: These are obviously thoughts – not before a shot in one’s head, and moreover – not during hara-kiri or after a ram attack of kamikaze. As early as unhypocritical Feuerbach noticed: “To enrich God, man must become poor”. But more cruelly, and therefore – as much honestly as possible! – said Japanese “philosopher of action” Ōshio Heihachirō: “This knowledge is achieved with absence of human”.
Is there any threat that comes from philosophic texts?

Andrei Azsacra: The Danger is the Initial Condition of philosophy! Make this way! If anybody among the thinkers “snarls” – Envoûtement will be! No (mis!)deed – no Mystery of the Thought. Each philosophic treatise should be published on sheets saturated with poison (like Curare!). In the back of the book and under the covers’ covering (lower et upper) should hide mechanisms that immediately respond to any touch with reiterated (bullet)sophemes alternately with bursts of (keen)blading existences. Then, indeed, we will bring up a worthy reader – Without fear! Triumph of Logos – Books about philosophy as the most dangerous Mechanisms of Death! Library of Alexandria again returns par excellence out of hellish fire…
In your opinion the Nietzschean race is successfully embodied in the American science-fiction television series “Andromeda”?

Andrei Azsacra: These television series – good caution to Indo-Europe as today’s Rising: if authentic Aryan Kshatriyas already today don’t turn to Overman – which means that “others” will accept and will embody Overman, but as the false, secondary copy – too, all too simulacrum. Therefore after Baudrillard it will be possible to state implacably and severely: their Overman is forever only “the copy copy” – in this point of points the Original of Will to Power always was absent! And from the position of death, and from the position of an eternity we still have the only thing: the most cruel and relentless Will to defend Nietzsche’s regal ideas in Europe. I am sure that Nietzsche has to become the new Buddha of Europe and Shiva of America – Nothing-Nietzsche. And it not “the pompous utopia”, but the real absolute revolt of New Zarathustra. Only Nothing as Shunya to Power is a sought for, required key element in the attack, namely: a Key of Willpower or Quinta Essentia to all Secret Superiority of Earth and the Heaven.

You, by means of philosophy of the Overman, came to creation of new types of revolutions – Shunya-Revolution and Absolute Revolution? Why Shunya-Revolution, but not former and proved types of revolt?

Andrei Azsacra: The Strongest System as the Regime of the hidden control, always seeks to operate each Chaos and to subordinate any type of Anarchy. But! Just this System never will be able to supervise only one irreversible action of forever Unknown, namely: Shunya as Shunya-Revolution! Only this is the most strong Revolutionary Axiom: Anarchy is the Mother of Order, but Shunya is the Mother of Anarchy and the Father of Chaos. Id est: The Shunya-Revolution [Shunya to Power!] is the central philosophical concept in the Over-philosophy of any type of each revolution. Quod erat demonstrandum.
Interview translated by Natasha Tarasenko

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