Saving a White Knight

Saving a White KnightSaving a White Knight

By William Rand

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Reviewed by V. Caine

University Professor Russell Patton is full of self-hate, and he does not even know it. Known to others as a white knight, Russell, suffering from stress and frequent headaches, lives his life in a shroud of political correctness, unable to see beyond the boundaries. Sometimes, the headaches become too painful and the stress too intense, and Russell sneaks away guiltily for a ‘happy ending’ massage on the other side of town.

As a university professor, he has been indoctrinated in the compulsory Crypto- Feminist Agenda that so often frequents academia in the modern west, where the worst thing one can be is the ‘privileged’ heterosexual white male. So strict is the regime in Russell’s office his computer mouse is confiscated for being sexist and replaced with a good bland conformist white one, which throws a humorous touch on some of the more over-zealous feminist claims that tend to rear their heads in academia. Not only this, but Russell is being charged with sexual discrimination for assigning low grades to women who are genuinely handing in work which is below standard. Accordingly, he finds himself pressured to pass females in subjects simply because they are females for fear of harassment at work.

Russell’s emasculated self-loathing and terror of offending women lends itself directly to the stereotype of the ‘Post-Modernist Crypto-Marxist /Feminist Professor’ – an all too prolific phenomenon in the academic world which renders the black humour of his situation all the more ironic. And then another male student in a female dominated student complains that whatever he writes, he gets called a misogynist. Out of control and over the top feminism – it’s all too much for Russell and he is afflicted by tension headaches regularly from the stress of his career.

The black humour surrounding the situation of this poor white knight really shines though, and unfortunately does exist in some universities. The fashion with the author narrates it really draws attention to the problem, albeit though a fictional account.

But all is well that ends well – Professor Aragon tells him not to be such a ‘white knight’ and Russell manages to save himself from the entangled web of indoctrination that brings him nothing but frustration and headaches, and he is also able to enjoy a happy relationship. “Saving a White Knight” is ultimately a coming-of-age story for men.

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