Ghost Field

ghostfield, horrorGhost Field

William Rand

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Reviewed by V. Caine


Ghost Field is a very interesting and elaborately written tale about Scott, a person whose concerns about the welfare of a small dog and a little girl lead him into a very unusual scenario…

Ghost Field keeps drawing us deeper down with Scott, deep into an underground complex of tunnels as he tries to help them, always intending to go only a few feet further, until he finds himself trapped in pitch black stifling claustrophobic surroundings. This is a genuinely eerie story which plays upon the readers fear of the dark, the unknown and enclosed spaces. Alone, underground, and in the dark, Scott finds himself helplessly lost in this system of tunnels as hundreds of insects crawl unseen across his skin..

Even worse, there amid the blackness and the ever enclosing walls, the fetid stench of death fills the air, and there is something evil down there in the darkness with him, that tricked him, lured him down into the tunnels. And all the time, the ghost whispers to him from the shadows whilst the evil waits for his moment of weakness.

Ghost Field is a truly terrifying tale of haunting and horror underground, in the shadows and spaces where one cannot move and creatures stalk the flesh of the living. There is an interesting plot twist to this tale also, which plays on the mind and renders even the harmless and familiar frightening in the context of the unknown.

Ghost Field is a truly atmospheric classic of the horror genre.


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