The Vampire’s Song

The Vampire's SongThe Vampire’s Song
William Rand

Kindle Edition

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Publisher: BookRix GmbH & Co. KG (March 5, 2013)
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Reviewed by V. Caine

Straight from a scene of classic vampire/gothic story, we find the opening set in a strip club where the beautiful Carmen is performing. But unlike like most vampires, she has a curiously human side, filled with emotions that conflicts with her hunger. And against the odds, she finds herself strongly attracted to one of the customers, Mark.

And Mark responds to the beautiful, exotic Carmen – until he sees her feed – then his emotions become an eclectic mix of desire, fear and disgust. As a Catholic, how can Mark reconcile his strong attraction to her with his faith, and her need to kill? The situation brings him a great crisis of conscience – but against the odds the affair between the vampire Carmen and the mortal Mark slowly deepens to love, despite them inhabiting different worlds. And even though it causes them both great pain, because of his religion Mark never accepts her offer to give him the gift of eternal life and to share her world…

Vampire’s Song begins in the underworld of erotica and quickly develops into both an unusual romance, and a gothic tragedy. It is a well written and soundly structured tale, with solidly developed characters that are unique and have distinct personalities. If you enjoy a good vampire story that you can sink your teeth into, you will enjoy The Vampire’s Song.

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