The Versailles Conspiracy

The Versailles ConspiracyThe Versailles Conspiracy

By Robert “Digger” Cartwright

Paperback: 328 pages
ISBN-10: 145353282X
ISBN-13: 978-1453532829

Review by V. Caine

The Versailles Conspiracy presents the reader with a scintillating whirlwind of a thriller which begins in the sedate setting of the South Carolina resort city, Myrtle Beach. The tranquillity of the scene is soon spoilt however when a city building inspector, Max Spalding dies in what appears to be car accident. But this is no mere gruesome tragedy; Detectives Wickland and Graisco of the local police quickly realize something far more sinister is afoot and that Spalding’s death was not accidental.

Their detective work results in a high profile investigation that encompasses high society social clubs, criminal elite and the Soviet Russian Underground, spinning a fascinating web of political intrigue, danger and deceit.

With fascinatingly rich and vibrant characters such as the Russian Vladimir Stratavynski who is part of a secret group seeking to re-establish Communism in Russia, there is no shortage of excellent characters. They are all three dimensional and come across as real people, which is rare in the thriller genre. This character was the one who really stood out to me though and comes across as a classic villain, with an unusual Communist/criminal edge, much like a character from a Bond film.

The plot is also of a very high quality and quite complex, which should keep readers guessing at certain issues. This level of complexity should also serve to keep it engaging for the more jaded readers out there as well – but I don’t want to give anyway any plot spoilers, so I won’t say too much about this.

The book is also extraordinarily well written and so highly descriptive that I could easily imagine it being translated into a film one day. I would strongly recommend it for anyone who enjoys a good, solid and engaging mystery or suspense tale as this is guaranteed to keep the reader on the edge right until the end.

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