Twelve Resolutions for a Happy Life a Manual of Happiness

By Abir Taha

Review: V. Caine

Abir Taha, PhilosophyTwelve Resolutions for a Happy Life is a manual for happiness, designed in accord with the philosophical principles of Hindu Dharma and Classical Greek philosophy to create a philosophical formula for happiness that can be understood by modern man. As such it is highly pertinent to those who feel lost or in some way isolated by modernity. This latest book by Abir Taha offers the reader a new insight into the philosophy behind the production of the emotional state referred to as ‘happiness’.

In classical Greece one of the finest points of philosophy was to strive after the ‘good life’, and they called this principle eudaimonia. The goal of eudaimonia was for people to live the best life possible, in an ethical and virtuous manner. Eudaimonia is the philosophical study of happiness, and was a subject of much debate among the great philosophers, who associated it with the virtues and the concept of ethical living. Abir Taha redefines true happiness first and foremost as self-fulfillment. True happiness is a life of meaning and the attainment of one’s Dharma, or life purpose. ”We are only truly happy when we are truly ourselves,” she says.

Twelve Resolutions for a Happy Life is the product of successful combinations of ideas taken from a vast and diverse network of inspirations. Abir Taha, working from her strong background in philosophy, revisits the study of eudaimonia and translates a very ancient idea effortlessly into a format for modern readers. Having found the secret of attaining happiness, Taha relates to the reader Twelve Resolutions that are universally applicable to improve our own lives.

Not only do we find the ideas of Classical Greek philosophy present in Twelve Resolutions for a Happy Life, we also find traces of Eastern philosophy, and even the presence of Nietzsche. It is to the author’s credit that through skillful writing techniques, she has successfully combined all these different complex ideas into an easily understood formula to improve humanities fundamental quality of life.

Twelve Resolutions for a Happy Life is essential reading for anyone who is interested in applied philosophy instead of text book based theoretical philosophy, which although great for university academia, seldom finds a route to transfer its ideas into direct action for people to apply to their own lives, and thereby improve them. As such, this book is not only valuable to scholars who wish to see classical philosophical ideas implemented, it is required reading for anyone with a interest in the application of philosophy to modern lives and how to improve the quality of life for all individuals in all civilizations.

Abir Taha holds a postgraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Sorbonne. Well versed in philosophy and mysticism, the author espouses a spiritual world-view and believes that man’s ultimate purpose and vocation in life is the fulfillment of his divine nature and destiny.


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