TDAS: The Spiritual Weapon of Revolution

By Conor Wrigley

The state [and even Plato’s ideal State] is only a step for a leg of the Overman, which initially — on Over-biological level! — realizes itself only as Over Without the man.
— Azsacra Zarathustra, The Absolute Revolution

The Over-man [Der Übermensch] is the biological and spiritual Masterpiece of the Will to Power created Not by the man or God, but only by means of the Over — the Over-Over… Therefore the Final Secret of the Over-man is Not the ‘overman’ as ‘the higher political authority’ and the ‘indispensable state’, but only the Over Without ‘man’ and the ‘state’ — only a holy Yes to Life — the Sacred Sum of all lives At Once.
— Azsacra Zarathustra, TDAS: The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems


TDAS, Azsacra Zarathustra, Conor WrigleyWhat is a revolution without the spirit? What is a system or ideology without the spiritual component? The answer to these questions is complete failure and inevitable decay. All systems of governance, philosophy, etc. are failures for this reason as they do not contain any essence of the spirit at all but in fact seek to contain the spirit, to bind the spirit, and to chain it down as means of controlling it. Every system can be understood as the chain that wraps itself around the spirit and thus binds it to the ground and imprisoning it with the cursed spirit of gravity. This is why they ultimately fail as the spirit eventually lashes out and breaks these chains for a split moment; however, once the chains are broken the new system put in place then binds the spirit with a new type of chain and thus the cycle is continued. That being said, it seems inevitable that each revolution against a system or systems will inevitably lead to yet another trap that binds the spirit with the cursed spirit of gravity. Can this be overcome? The answer to this question is YES if one realizes the power of the concepts laid out by the philosophy of Azsacra Zarathustra and his Theory of the Destruction of All Systems. TDAS is the weapon that is needed to crush these systems with the hammer and smash to pieces those who seek to chain the spirit.

Today we live in a world that is bound by the chains of materialism and greed. Our so called “world leaders” fight endlessly FOR the spirit of gravity hoping to chain down our spirits to prevent them from rising against the spirit of gravity and into the over. Yet at the same time they know that they are losing their grip on the chains and that the slaves shall soon cast them off and become the new masters. A spiritual revolution is inevitable! However, there are those who wish to take advantage of this fact and bind the spirit back down with the cursed chains such as Aleksandr Dugin and the Eurasianists; alas, false revolutionaries. Treachery is being committed by many and it seems as if the only answer to the current materialistic system is to replace it with another materialistic system; however, this is false! Azsacra comes with a flash of lightening baring weapons to cut at the throats of the den of vipers, teaching us how to obtain Nietzsche’s Overman and how to go beyond that and attain the Over without man by casting out this world of illusion and proclaiming a holy YES to life and a NO to death!

The weapons that he brings to crush these failed systems and –isms are TDAS, Nothing to Power, and Emptiness to Supremacy. Unlike the so called revolutionaries of modern “philosophy” Azsacra offers a truly revolutionary philosophy that will ignite the spirit of those who follow it. Through TDAS one can learn how to use Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy to obtain the Nietzschean Overman but going further surpasses even the Overman and reach the Over without man. The human body can be thought of as the vessel with which we give a holy Yes to life and transcend up against the spirit of gravity with lightning speed! While the modern so called “philosopher” or “revolutionary” only seeks to contain the spirit inside the vessel of the body, TDAS launches it only upwards! Once the vessel is overcome it then becomes the ultimate weapon, a weapon that can no longer be contained by any system. Further the spirit is also released in a flash of lightening and becomes the most feared weapon of the enemy! It becomes both a hammer and a sword, a hammer to obliterate the chains of the spirit of gravity and a sword to slice through the throat of the little men who hold the chains!

This philosophy can be seen as picking up the pieces and solving the riddles of Nietzsche who famously once said “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster and when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.” Yet Azsacra Zarathustra’s philosophy goes much further than Nietzsche’s famous saying as well as his philosophy and even the Overman! With this philosophy it won’t be you who is consumed by the abyss but quite the opposite! Through this unique and revolutionary philosophy the abyss FEARS you! Through Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy as well as a holy Yes to life you shall give a holy NO to death! When death stares you in the eyes you can laugh and mock death and when death’s venomous fangs bite you on the throat it becomes nothing more than a mere scratch that barely breaks the surface. When the flame is burning your flesh you will not think “when will this pain end” but rather “is there any flame that can cause me pain?” You will learn that so called pain only hardens the Will to Power and Will to Life which in turn causes a hardening of Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy! Through the absolute break of the spirit you will attain a limitless ability of resistance!

This revolutionary philosophy is the hammer that is needed to dismantle and destroy the systems and –isms that the enemies of the spiritual revolution have. While Nietzsche taught how to philosophize with a hammer, Azsacra’s philosophy IS that hammer. This hammer is needed to crush the failed systems and ideologies of the would be murderers of the spirit. Many have tried and shall try to prevent this over revolution of the upward momentum of the spirit but they will be left behind and crushed! The over revolution and revolution of the pure over and over without man is one that will ALWAYS crush its foes leaving them as a meal to the vultures! Through a philosophy of pure action and not just empty corroding words the enemies of the spirit are helpless and shall be destroyed and left as dust scattered by the wind!

I must concluded by asking the reader a question, would you rather remain slavishly limited by the illusion of power giving to you by the little men who hold the chain or do you wish to become the lightening? Do you wish to remain as a sheep only grazing in a contained posture awaiting slaughter? Or do you wish to become like a bird of prey? As for my part I will proclaim with the loudness of a thousand thunders a holy Yes to life and become the bird of prey picking off the little men who seek to imprison me! I will become the Yes-sayer who will laugh in the face of the enemy and spit in the face of death for no chain will contain this spirit! Hail to the lions, the great Midday is upon us! Let the inevitability of the spiritual revolution commence!

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