Saga: The Last Norse of West Greenland

A. S. Lyons


saga, norse, west greenlandThe story of what happened to the Norse people who inhabited the West Settlement of Greenland is one that is shrouded in mystery. Based on a true story, this historical epic provides a new explanation as to what befell the Norse people in Greenland.

Faced with a harsh climate and unknown lands, the people of West Greenland one day disappeared. Their empty homes were discovered by Christians who claimed that the natives had killed them. But is this true, or is it one of history’s greatest cover ups? Author A. S. Lyons weaves together a tale of intrigue and deception which offers an alternative explanation to the tragedy that befell the Norse people of Greenland’s West Settlement.

In this fictional narrative A. S. Lyons presents us with a picture of a proud Norse people struggling against some of the most vicious and unscrupulous villains since Game of Thrones. The Last Norse of West Greenland presents the reader with a new saga for Vikings facing a new and dangerous world, where old Norse ways come into harsh and brutal conflict with the new power of the Church, Inuit, and even with the far flung shores of exotic Vinland.