Submissions (Books)

Manticore Press is always keen to receive manuscripts from authors and we welcome new writers who have just completed their first book. We do have some guidelines for content and formatting though and before you submit your manuscript it’s important to ensure it’s suitability for print. Manuscripts are expected to be fully edited prior to submission. The manuscript must be in PDF or Word format.

Translated texts will need to ensure the manuscript has correct English grammar. We do not accept submissions that have used translation software.

We do not accept submissions of texts which have already been published online or collections of interviews. All submissions must be original, unpublished works which have not been published online.

All images included are expected to be original art or royalty free.

We are  interested in manuscripts on the following topics:

  • Culture
  • History
  • Mythology
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Hinduism
  • Paganism/Heathenism
  • Buddhism
  • Shamanic or Indigenous/Folk Traditions
  • Esoteric Traditions

We do not accept:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Political Propaganda
  • Anthologies of blog/website posts
  • Online Interviews
  • New Age/UFO’s
  • Conspiracy Theories

Submission Format

For stand-alone publishing projects we require a minimum page amount of 48 pages. Otherwise, the book is not large enough to bind correctly. In terms of word count this is around 30,000. Our preferred minimum length for a book is a maximum 60,000 words.

The maximum size for a book is 500 pages. For books larger than this we recommend splitting them into two volumes.

For citations, please use the Oxford style.

Email submissions are fine, we do not require hard copies to be posted.

Payment & Legal

Manticore Press offers different payment rates based on the content of the manuscript. For titles which are expected to be popular, we offer an advance of up to $1,000. For titles which are expected to have lower sales, we offer 10% of the RRP. We require all legal contacts to be signed before publication commences.

Manticore Press reserves the right to withdraw publications immediately if authors are found to be engaging in activities which are detrimental to the business operations of Manticore Press. This includes the harassment of other employees, defamation/slander, and criminal activities.

Manticore Press is not connected with and does not endorse any political organisation or body.

Please use this form to discuss your manuscript.


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